Sometimes I have to take a step back and try to put myself into the mind-frame of the reader.  What I mean is, I’ve been at this for a very long time and sometimes things that seem obvious to me just aren’t that obvious to the general public.  The purpose of this article, is to help you understand why we don’t put prices on our website and why the ones you see on other websites really don’t mean anything.

We should start out with the first of several premises that I’ll stipulate (and ask you to stipulate) for the purposes of illustration regarding pricing.  Can we start off agreeing that not all professional house cleaning companies provide the same services in their regular home visits?  That seems like a fairly non-controversial statement, right?  Can we also stipulate that not every cleaning team from different home cleaning companies are comprised of the same number of employees?  And can we also agree that not every team member on every professional cleaning team has the same level of skill or makes the same hourly wage or salary?  Would it also make sense that not every company provides their own cleaning supplies and equipment?  OK, we have laid out a few things about the variances in house cleaning services and the teams they send, but there is more to consider.

Let’s think about the differences in homes and how that might affect our thoughts about pricing for a few minutes.  Not all three bedroom homes are the same size are they?  Nor do all homes have the same kinds of floor coverings.  What about the general level of cleanliness of the home when the house cleaners come for the first time.  How about when they come back for their regular cleanings?  Is the house a wreck or can it be cleaned fairly easily by a two person team.  We also have to consider how far the home is from the base of operations of the home cleaning company.  Is it right around the corner of on the very far end of the service boundary.

Professional Home Cleaner Cleaning Cost

All of the things I mentioned in the preceding paragraphs have a big effect on the cost to send a cleaning crew to clean your home.  If a company is sending a cleaning team to your home with 2 people it doesn’t cost as much for them as a 3 or 4 person team.  And the larger team is going to be able to clean your home in less time than a smaller team.  If the company has to send a team that drives 30 minutes to get to your home for a cleaning session compared with a home that is just 5 minutes from their headquarters it makes big difference in costs for the cleaning company.  That being the case, how can some hourly rate for ‘home cleaning’ posted on a website have any connection with reality?  It can’t.  It is just a gimmick, to make you think the cleaning company is ‘cheaper’ than their competitor.

We think you should know that those prices are just a rouse.  We think you should know that there is a lot of information that goes into preparing a quote for the cleaning service for your home.  We hope that you will appreciate our honest approach to meeting the your goals for the cleaning of your home.  If you would like to get an honest quote for your home, click on the button below.