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Have you recently started a commercial or residential construction project in Johns Creek? Perhaps you have a newly completed or renovated property? You’ll need professional post-construction cleaning services before you’re ready to open your doors for business or show your property for sale, lease or rent. Our post construction cleaning experts can provide professional cleanup for Johns Creek businesses that cannot be surpassed. Our cleaning crew will make sure every inch of your Johns Creek property is cleaned. We provide thorough dusting of all areas, including: walls and ceilings, air vents, duct work, and light fixtures. Call us for thorough post construction cleanup for your Johns Creek, Georgia property.  We’d love to help keep your construction job site clean and efficient.  We look forward to serving you.


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Post Construction Cleaning Services

A clean and tidy work site is safer and more efficient.  A clean and sparkling newly finished construction project shows better, rents better and sells better.   See what the advantage of a clean, tidy, well organized, and clean construction job site can bring to your job.  Our post-construction cleaning team can make your construction job site cleaner, safer and more efficient.  One of the big advantages is, it’s much cheaper, over all, to have our post-construction cleaning crew do the general site clean up than your skilled craftsmen.  AND you get a much better job from our team than you do from low paid, unskilled workers.

Weekly (Most Popular)

By having our team clean your construction job site at least once a week, your crew of skilled professionals will enjoy a clean job site that is more efficient and safer for them.

Every Other Week

Bring our post-construction cleaning team in at the end of every week to clean and tidy up so that your talented crew can start off the week in a pristine, clean job site.

Once a Month

Have our post-construction cleaning team come once a month during your job to have us take care of the build up of debris that can make your constrcution site hard to work around.

One Time Cleaning

Even if we are doing the regularly scheduled post construction cleaning on you Johns Creek construction job site, there are occasions during your project when you will want us to do some of our additional one time cleaning services.  Especially appropriate is toward the end of the project, just before turning over the keys to the new owners, or putting a new home up for sale, or getting ready ready to ask your customer for the final payment on a remodel, you want you construction project to shine.  Let us do the cleaning that will make that happen.

Our on time post construction cleaning services can increase the overall perception of value by removing any kind of distractions that might keep visitors to the property from seeing the extrodianry craftsmanship sued to finsih your project.

One-Time Post Construction Cleaning Services

Cleaning Inside Windows

Pressure Wash Driveways

Steam Clean Tile Floors

Pressure Wash Patios & Walks

What’s Included Standard in Post Construction Cleaning?

We provide top quality professional cleaning service at your construction job site through all phases of construction and remodeling. We remove construction waste and make sure that every cabinet, drawer, door, ceiling fan, hanging fixture, window sill and all floors are clean and dust free.  Our standard services include:

  • Clean wood scraps and construction debris
  • Sweep out house, vacuum floors, and dust
  • Vacuum cabinets & drawers, wipe down cabinets & doors
  • Wipe down ceiling fans & hanging fixtures
  • Vacuum & wipe down window sills and exterior door thresholds

Additional Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Pressure Washing

We can remove ground in dirt, stains, and grease on your driveways, walks, and patios.

Window Cleaning (inside)

Brilliantly sparkling glass with crystal clear views can make a huge difference in way buyers, renters, and owners perceive the job you’ve done.

Special Floor Care

We can clean carpets, steam clean tile floors, and polish your hardwoods in prepartion for the important shwoing that make a huge difference in profit margin.

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