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Are you a in charge of a small office, a retail space or some sort of venue that serves the public?

Need to find a company with the ability to take care of the cleaning chores that remain when the end of your work day gets here?  Look no further.  Our dedicated teams of professional cleaners in our commercial cleaning services division can take care of pretty much whatever tasks you need done.  We would love to give you a quote for a custom cleaning plan tailored for your commercial space.  Whether you are an art gallery, theater, small church or school, retail shop, small business office, a health club, or any other business that hosts the public that needs cleaning at the end of the day.  We have a program that can fit your needs.

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Recurring Commercial Cleaning

As a business owner that provides a commercial space for your customers to visit or for you employees to do their work in, or both, you are stuck with a hard issue.  At the end of the work day, you have to get that space ready for tomorrow.  It has to be clean when your customers and/or employees show up the next day.  How do you make that happen?  You can’t do it yourself, you only have so much time.  Hiring your won employees to do it comes with all kinds of liability and overhead.  That just doesn’t make sense.  What you should do is hire a professional commercial cleaning company to take care of the cleaning of your commercial space for you.   We’d like to be that company.  Use the button to the right to get started in the process of investigating our commercial cleaning services an let us build a custom cleaning plan for your commercial space.

Nightly (Most Popular)

Because most businesses operate daily, and don’t have time to clean up during business hours, they hire a commercial cleaning company like ours to clean their space so it is ready for the next day.  We kind put together a plan for nightly cleaning to eliminate that headache.


Some businesses, even though they are open daily, can keep up with the light cleaning necessary to prepare for visitors and employees coming in the next day.  Sometimes they just need a bit of heavier cleaning once a week, perhaps on a ‘closed’ day where deeper cleaning can be done by a professional commercial cleaning company.

Once a Month

Some businesses have in-house staff that can keep their commercial business space clean enough by performing the routine daily cleaning.  Those businesses just need help from commercial cleaning companies to do the heavy cleaning on a monthly basis.  Things like carpet cleaning or steam cleaning a vent hood.

One Time Cleaning

Sometimes your commercial space needs a cleaning that is beyond the capabilities of your usual methods, beyond the capabilities of your current staff, and beyond the scope of your normal commercial cleaning program.  When that happens, you need a professional commercial cleaning services company that can step in and bridge the gaps.

Sometimes you need to cover a gap in coverage of cleaning services that are normally provided by another company, that for whatever reason, could not address your commercial cleaning needs when you needed them to.  We are happy to step in and send our commercial cleaning team to take care of your cleaning needs.

Sometimes, special event or circumstances require that you bring in the big guns to perform heavy duty commercial cleaning on your space so that it is extra clean.  Things like a visit by an important dignitary or the sale of your business.  Give us a call and let us come through for you.


One-Time Commercial Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Pressure Wash Sidewalks

Degreasing Vent Hood(s)

Steam Cleaning Equipment

Pressure Wash Kitchen Floors

What’s Included in Our Commercial Cleaning Services?

Our commercial cleaning services team can handle small to mid-sized jobs for a wide swath of businesses and properties that serve the public.  We can provide professional cleaning programs for small schools and churches, for art galleries and theaters, for retail shops and small businesses.  We can clean small offices and even health clubs.  Our standard commercial services include:

  • Vacuuming and dusting the premises
  • Steaming tile floors
  • Cleaning kitchens / break rooms (including sanitizing counters and sinks)
  • Cleaning bathrooms (including sanitizing counters and sinks)


Additional Commercial Cleaning Services

All of these addtional commercial cleaning services  are avialable , but require scheduling ahead of time.  This is neccessary because they require special equipment that we don’t normally carry during our routine commercial clenaing visits.

Carpet Cleaning

We can give your common area carpets a cleaning easily and will leave them with our usual standard of cleanliness.

Window Cleaning (insides)

We can make the insides of your windows crystal clear.  This will help customers’ view of your merchandise or displays much better.

Take Out Trash

During our nightly visits, we can schedule extra time and hlep to remove anything and everything marked as ‘trash.’

Pressure Wash Sidewalks

If your sidewalks have stains, ground in dirt, or grease stains, e can make them look fresh again.

Degrease Kitchen Hoods

Greasy hoods are a fire hazard in your commercial kitchen.  Let us keep you safe by degreasing your hood(s) on a regular basis.

Steam Clean Equipment

Grease and dirt build up are inevitable on your equipment.  Let us stream clean your equipment to get it the cleanest it can be.

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